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How to order the Social Security Disability Survival Kit

There are simple ways to greatly increase your chances of getting qualified for Social Security Disability benefits. The kit is a seventy five dollar value and is available to you at no cost. It will give you the basic tools and understanding to win your claim, information on other governmental benefits, and programs that can put cash in your pocket while you are appealing your claim.  Ordering the kit is simple on this end, all you have to do is fill in the information requested below and press the submit tab. We will send the kit to you by express mail. Expect five business days for delivery. If you would like to have an immediate download of the book, select “Get Free Book Now” tab right below the order form and it will direct you to the spot on this site that you can access the PDF version of the book.

Understanding how to complete a winning application is the first step and is thoroughly discussed in the Social Security Survival Manual which you will be provided in the kit. The Administration is just looking for an excuse to deny you. Failure to dot all I’s and cross all T’s is a no brainier denial for them. Don’t let it happen to you! If you do it right, you can be among the 40% of initial claimants that win out the gate and don’t need to think about getting representation. 

Do you know the difference between SSD and SSI? Oh Grasshopper, if you do not, you have a lot of basic homework to do. I can help you with that. If you have been denied benefits, then it is a question of understanding how to develop the medical evidence in your favor and timely file appeals until you win.

Just so you know, one of the most important things you must do is having your doctor provide the Administration with a proper Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE). You will find these forms in the kit. After doing Social Security work for almost two decades, I can tell you without question, the FCE is a game changer. The system is purposefully designed to slough off all but the most qualified and persistent claimants. You must find a way to counter the hyper-conservative opinions of the Administration’s doctors and this is one way to do it.

The Social Security Survival Manual gives a very simple explanation of the Administrations’ “Sequential Evaluation Process,” – (the decision tree they use to accept or deny claims) and how to use it to your benefit. You are stumbling in the dark unless you understand how it works. The book also describes the claims process and how to avoid losing your claim by not timely appealing their denials (there are a lot of them, brace yourself). You will also understand how to write an appropriate trial brief and get helpful hints on what to expect at the hearing before an Administrative Law Judge if you plan on going it alone.

Getting federal benefits is only part of the equation. Did you know there are other state and federal benefits out there to help you out while you are waiting to get benefits with the feds? Most working people in the State of California are entitled to State Disability if they find themselves unable to work. Many times people come into my office with undiscovered work place injuries that can get them triple digit financial benefits and provide winning medical reports to support their Social Security Disability claim. You will find all the forms and instructions you need for these benefits too.  Within the kit, you will also get the Workers’ Compensation Survival Manual.  We have a sister survival kit specifically for work place injuries. You can order it by selecting the “Special Report” icon to the right of your screen. Learn how to discover those hard to detect work place injuries that can significantly supplement income and evidence in your SSD/SSI claim. 

Did you know that once you qualify for SSD/SSI benefits, you will become entitled to medical coverage through Medicare or Medi-Cal? Did you know that you can even earn a modest side income and be entitled still be entitled to Social Security Disability? You got questions, I got answers.

If after reviewing these materials you would like a complimentary case analysis, please give us a call or contact us through this site. If would like our help, we work on a simple 25% contingent fee basis on the benefits you would have received up to the date you get your “Favorable Decision.” Our fees cannot exceed $6,000.00 and we do not get paid unless we win your case. How are you going to beat that?

Order the Kit for heaven’s sake! What are you waiting for?

Free Seven Point Case Analysis

Would you like to fine tune your application for benefits?  We offer, at no charge to you, a complimentary seven point case analysis for your Social Security Disability claim. The Seven Point Case Analysis will focus on the following areas:

1) Determine if you have applied for the correct federal benefit.

2) Determine your eligibility for Supplemental Security Income.

3) Identify your “date last insured” to qualify for Social Security Disability.

4) Determine if the medical record can be developed with treating doctors to win your claim through Residual Functional Capacity evaluations.

5) Evaluate your medical evidence to qualify for a “Listing” or “Grid” level disability in the Administration’s Sequential Evaluation Process.

6) Determine if you qualify for other governmental cash benefits.

7) Determine if you have a “hidden” worker’s compensation claim that could help you develop the medical record or a civil claim against third parties.

Hey, we don’t bite.  You will not find a a nicer more easygoing office here in Northern California and we are on your side. You do not have to fight this battle alone.

Talk to us and see if we can help. I prefer to meet someone, have them go home and decide if representation is best for them. There will be no pressure from us to sign up.  Give us a call or set up an appointment. We can do it by telephone if you like. You can set up an office meeting by inputting your contact information under the red “Free Consultation” tab to the right and the bottom of this screen. We will have a hot cup of coffee and some thoughtful advice for you when you arrive. 




PS: The Ledgerwood Law Group also publishes Safe Harbor, a free monthly newsletter that provides great advice on surviving a Social Security Disability claim.  Hey, it is not all about the law; I also give up the secret locations of my favorite camping and fishing spots. You will also get great legal advice mixed in with other cool articles on food and travel here in the Northstate. We will put you on the list when you order either of the kits


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