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How to Order the Workers' Compensation Survival Kit


The first thing you need to do is simple, just ask for the kit.  It is a seventy-five dollar value and is available to you at no cost.  Many things in life you have to learn the hard way.  You do not have to let your industrial injury be one of them.  Just click the blue “View Details” button for the Workers' Compensation Survival Kit at the top of the column to your right, when it scrolls through. You can download the Northern California Workers’ Compensation Survival Manual immediately after submitting your request for the kit.

Give us about five business days to get it to you.  It contains the information you need to know about how the compensation system works and information on other governmental benefits that you can get.  There is hope--I have seen hundreds of people actually improve their earning capacity after an industrial injury put them out of their old job.  There is a way to make it all work and even the playing field; you just need to do your homework.

If your injury is serious enough to prevent you from returning to any work, then you need to consider an application for Social Security Disability.  In the kit you will find our Social Security Disability Survival Guide. It will help you decide if you can qualify for this benefit. We offer a sister Social Security Disability Survival Kit that you can order by selecting the “View Details” button for that offer. 

If after reviewing these materials you would like a complimentary seven point case analysis, please give us a call or contact us through this site (see “Free Consultation” tabs to your right and at the bottom of this page).  If would like our help, we work on a simple 15% contingent fee basis and do not get paid unless we get you benefits.  We provide a turnkey service and only get paid until we finalize your claim and get you the benefits you are entitled to.  Below I describe our unique Complimentary Seven Point Case Analysis:

Complimentary Seven Point Case Analysis

We do a complimentary case analysis for people who want to look into fine tuning their workers’ compensation claims.  There are seven key elements to look into on a workers’ compensation case:

  1. Accurate calculation and timely payment of temporary disability.
  2. Prompt authorization of needed medical treatment.
  3. Making sure all affected body systems are part of your claim.
  4. Accurate calculation of permanent disability benefits.
  5. Timely filing applications with the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board to protect your rights.
  6. Utilization of other state and federal benefit programs to supplement workers compensation benefits.
  7. Crafting a settlement that maximizes benefits from all sources.

How about setting up an appointment to see us today?  What do you have to lose? You don’t have to fight your legal battles alone you know.  There will be no pressure for you to sign up when you meet with us.  Personally, I would rather you let us evaluate your case, go home and make a decision that is best for you.

We will have a hot cup of really strong coffee and some thoughtful advice waiting for you.




PS: The Ledgerwood Law Group also publishes Safe Harbor, a free monthly newsletter that provides great advice on surviving the California Workers’ Compensation system.  I also give up the secret locations of my favorite camping and fishing spots, along with great legal ideas, mixed in with other cool articles on food and travel here in the Northstate. We will put you on the list when you order either of the kits.

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