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Time Magazine: Social Security Disability in Need of Reform

Posted on May 11, 2013

With the recent release of figures about the Social Security disability system—for example, six out of every 100 US citizens of working age is on disability, and payments amounted to over $130 billion in 2012—there has been a groundswell of opinion that the system is in need of a major overhaul.

At Time Magazine, veteran columnist Joe Klein admits that the core mandate of Social Security should be left untouched. As he writes in his piece, “Now, to be sure, there are workers who fit the program’s inevitable intent: older workers who suffer serious injuries and need support until they reach the age of eligibility for Social Security. There are others whose medical or mental disabilities make them clearly unable to work. But the government has gotten sloppy about admissions. Remember, a good chunk of people receiving welfare simply disappeared when the work requirement was added. The reason? They already had full-time jobs in the black or grey markets. It took a while, but a great many of those folks finally figured out there was another scam to be had—Social Security disability.”

What does Klein have in mind? Well, he'd like Social Security to be more strict about what kinds of jobs disabled individuals can hold. Sure, a construction worker with a permanently wrenched back can't go back to his old job, but there are plenty of other employment opportunities that don't require physical exertion—working at a call center, for instance. He also suggests that disabled individuals should “pay back” the system by working in public-sector jobs, to the extent that they're able.

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