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Social Security Overdue for Official Commissioner Nomination

Posted on Aug 05, 2013

It’s been 78 years since President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act into law. For this year’s anniversary, Nancy Leamond, Executive Vice President of AARP directed an open letter to President Obama requesting he “make the nomination of the next commissioner of the SSA a high priority for your Administration.”

The previous commissioner, Michael Astrue held the position for six years, since being appointed by President Bush in 2007. When he left in February, Deputy Commissioner Carolyn Colvin stepped in as Acting Commissioner. While many have expressed satisfaction with Colvin’s direction in the role over the last six months, the authority of any interim commissioner is limited.

The SSA is currently faced with several pressing issues, including:

  • Backlogs of nearly a year in disability hearings and claim processing
  • Budget cuts and rolling furloughs affecting SSA employees
  • Necessary technology updates and training for better customer service

Long-term leadership is critical to the ongoing success of an agency that serves an essential purpose to the lives of many of our most vulnerable citizens. Most of those affected by the disability claims backlogs have no source of income for an “unacceptably long period.”

Leamond writes, “Social Security… has provided a lifeline to millions of Americans who, through sickness or injury, became disabled and could no longer work to support themselves or their families.”

57 million Americans currently receive monetary benefits from the Social Security disability and retirement programs.

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