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Report: $8 Billion in “Improper” Social Security Payments in 2012

Posted on May 30, 2013

Recently, the Inspector General of the Social Security Administration, Patrick O'Carroll, Jr., appeared before the U.S. Congress to deliver some bad news, according to CNSNews.com. O'Carroll told the gathered legislators that SSA had made nearly $8 billion in “improper” payments in the 2012 calendar year and announced his plans to focus on “program integrity” to reduce waste and fraud. Of that amount, almost $5 billion came from Supplemental Security Income, or what most people refer to as “disability.” To quote from the story:

The Social Security Administration has set a goal of conducting 435,000 medical disability reviews in FY2013, based on the current level of funding. Beneficiaries with a high likelihood of medical improvement undergo a medical review; Beneficiaries with a lower likelihood of medical improvement are mailed a questionnaire, which may or may not trigger a medical review. Reexamination or “redetermination” of SSI retirement benefits also is effective in reducing overpayments in the SSI program, O'Carroll said. Because SSI is a means-tested program, any change in recipients' income, living arrangements, or marital status can affect eligibility or payment amount.

O'Carroll also said he would like SSA to perform more “continuing disability reviews,” to confirm that individuals who are collecting disability payments are still unable to work, and are not illegally working on the side to supplement their monthly Social Security payments.

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