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Obama Administration Appoints New Disability Liaison, Claudia Gordon

Posted on Aug 05, 2013

The Public Engagement Advisor for the Disability Community in the Office of Public Engagement at the White House, a relatively new position created by President Obama in 2009, has a new appointee: Claudia Gordon.

Born in rural Jamaica, Gordon faced tremendous discrimination when she suddenly became deaf at eight years old. Her mother, who had already immigrated to the United States, worked to reunite with Claudia by the time she was eleven. Upon moving to the U.S., Gordon attended the Lexington School for the Deaf in New York.

By the twelfth grade, Gordon knew that she wanted to be an attorney. She became the first deaf graduate of the American University Washington College of Law in the District of Columbia in 2000, and the first deaf African American woman attorney shortly thereafter.

As disability liaison for the Obama administration, Gordon will ensure that the disability community has a voice in domestic policy.

“Her vast experience and the relationships she brings to the table bolsters the president and his administration’s continued and ongoing commitment to issues important to the disability community,” said Jeff Rosen, chairperson for the National Council on Disability.

Kareem Dale, the prior—and first—assistant to the president for disability policy, left the post in February.

The North Valley disability benefits attorneys at Ledgerwood Law Group thank Ms. Gordon for her continuing efforts in support of the disability community and congratulate her on her new appointment.

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