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News Article Breaks Out Disability by State

Posted on Jun 12, 2013

It's not exactly a well-kept secret that some states have a higher proportion of their adult population collecting Social Security disability benefits than others, and that this number correlates with general economic conditions and the availability of jobs—all of which is discussed in a recent article in 24/7 Wall Street.

For example, the article states, about one out of every 10 adults in West Virginia (ages 18 to 64) collects Social Security disability benefits—three times the rate in Utah and Alaska. After West Virginia comes Arkansas, Alabama, Kentucky, and Mississippi, none of which can be described as having a burgeoning economy. 

“A review of a recent Gallup-Healthways survey shows that nearly all the states with the highest rates of disability are in the top 10 for serious conditions, including heart attacks, diabetes, hypertension and recurring knee, leg and back pain,” said the article. “Residents in these states find it hard to get a job that will pay much more than disability with their work experience, education and health condition,” said economist and senior fellow at the Brookings Institution Gary Burtless. 

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