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LAPD Officers Face Charges of Grand Theft, Workers' Comp Fraud in CA

Posted on Jan 05, 2014

Two LAPD officers will be on the other side of the bench as they face charges of alleged perjury and California workers' comp fraud.

Officers Jonathan Hall and Ralph Mendoza were arrested on December 11 and charged with felony workers’ compensation fraud and grand theft. It was discovered that they had lied during testimony and falsified medical documents in order to obtain work benefits that they were not eligible for.

Mendoza, 44, who has been on the force 13 years, has been relieved of his duties until the outcome of the investigation. Hall, 45, is on home leave pending the outcome of the criminal and administrative inquiries, and will also face charges of insurance fraud in the case.

Both officers filed industrial injury claims in late 2012. Hall has been accused of providing false testimony under oath during the injury deposition, while Mendoza has been accused of falsifying medical information related to the case, authorities said.

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck was quick to dispel any notion that the officers will be treated lightly.

“Public trust is at the very core of the police profession, and when that trust is violated we must employ every measure to restore it,” Beck said in a statement. “As the Chief, it is my duty to ensure that we fully investigate these cases of alleged misconduct and to take appropriate action when the misconduct is found to be true.”

While the exact amount of fraudulent workers’ compensation the officers were allegedly able to obtain was not made public, a charge of grand theft denotes any stolen monetary amount over $950.

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