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Gov. Brown Bans Additional Appointments to “Double-Dip” Salaries in CA

Posted on Jan 17, 2014

If you’re not earning a paycheck in California, you may be interested to know that some executive managers were earning two. Under a paperwork loophole, hundreds of managers were holding “additional appointments,” getting paid hourly and salaried at the same job.

It first became apparent that some salaried government workers were also holding hourly-pay positions early last year. After examining state payroll data, reporters at the Sacramento Bee discovered that several employees at CalPERS (The California Public Employees' Retirement System) held both salaried positions and a separate hourly-wage position within the department.

CalPERS, which manages pensions and health benefits for nearly two million California employees and retirees, defended its use of so-called additional appointments. The agency stated that these appointments were cost-saving effective, within the legal boundaries of government policy, and were commonly used across several other state departments.

To confirm this, the Bee requested additional data from the State Controller's Office. Investigations revealed that 571 salaried employees, mostly managers, were also appointed to at least one other hourly-wage position. 

In the case of CalPERS, the fund has said that its 50 managers and other salaried workers had been paid hourly for special use of their technical skills, which had been used to tackle issues with the computer system and customer service backlogs rather than hire additional employees.

CalPERS suspended the program amid objections from lawmakers shortly after the story broke. Four months later, Gov. Jerry Brown banned additional appointments for all California state departments under his authority.

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