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Disability Fraudsters Nabbed by Utah Attorney General's Office

Posted on Jun 07, 2013

We live in an extremely extroverted culture—one in which people think nothing about exposing themselves on TV reality shows or uploading YouTube videos showing themselves off in a less-than-flattering light. Unbelievably, this is a personality trait shared by many of the people who intentionally defraud the Social Security disability system, claiming they are too ill to work and then popping up on the Internet performing outrageous stunts!

According to Slate.com, the Utah Attorney General's office recently teamed up with the Social Security Administration to follow up on some supposedly disabled Utah residents, who had either applied for or were already receiving disability benefits. To quote from the story:

One man, who had claimed crippling pain, was filmed driving a truck, carrying a baby seat, and then running away when approached by investigators. (“His truck and t-shirt indicated he had a business for buying antlers,” the AG’s press release noted.) Another woman, who claimed that various mental disorders made it very difficult for her to go out in public, had her benefits cut after investigators found newspaper articles about her being “constantly involved in music projects,” YouTube videos of her performances, Facebook posts about the venues she was playing and investigators witnessed her perform at a concert for several hundred people.

Even still, another Utah man who collected disability benefits for nearly 20 years, claiming to be obese, asthmatic, and unable to leave his house, who posted a video to YouTube showing him playing air guitar and doing an energetic dance to the song “Magic Carpet Ride.” (For good measure, he was also caught swinging on a swing set and riding a scooter!)

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