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Disability Advocates Push for Better Safety at California Care Centers

Posted on Aug 11, 2013

Recent audits of several long-term care facilities for people with severe developmental disabilities stress the need for more accountability in the system, according to advocates.

Abuse and neglect are growing problems at many care centers, according to reports. Worse, there have been a large number of cases where there is little or no response from the authorities. Even the most fundamental aspects of follow-up investigations take place—interviews with victims and witnesses, photographs of crime scenes.

Though many feel the long-term solution to the issue is to find alternate methods of assistance for residents of problematic facilities so they can be shut down, it’s understood that such a process will take years—and residents need improvements as soon as possible.

The California Supported Living Network, the California Disability Services Association and several related organizations want Governor Jerry Brown to create an independent office to exclusively oversee safety at California-run care centers.

The office of the governor reports that many of the recommendations resulting from the audits are already being implemented. Additionally, the California Department of Health and Human Services has created a taskforce to examine how the state can best meet the needs of developmental center residents, anticipated to be released in November.

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