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To Win a Social Security Disability Claim, You Need to Supply Overwhelming Medical Evidence

If you are thinking of applying for Social Security disability, it's not enough to state in your paperwork that you “can't walk and need to use a wheelchair” or are in “constant pain” or that you're “too depressed to get out of bed.” If the government is going to grant you a monthly stipend, it needs documented proof that you are unable to work—and the only way to obtain that proof is to be checked out thoroughly by a medical professional.

Your Medical Condition Is the Basis for a Social Security Disability Claim

What kind of medical evidence does a bureaucrat at the Social Security Administration need when examining your disability application? In order to have any hope of your claim being accepted, you'll have to include:

  • A diagnosis by a reputable doctor, or preferably a series of doctors (since the SSA is unlikely to take one physician's word, and will require that you get a second or even a third opinion)
  • Itemized medical bills, including statements from your doctor and any expenses you incurred during hospital visits
  • Proof of your need of rehabilitation services or special equipment like wheelchairs or breathing aids
  • A list of the medications you are currently taking, their dosage, and proof that a legitimate physician prescribed them to you and that a pharmacy filled them.
  • The results of any blood tests, X-rays, CAT scans, MRIs, or any other medical procedure that can establish your disability

You Need to Overwhelm the SSI Examiner with Documented Evidence

It's not enough, when applying for Social Security disability benefits, to provide a one-time diagnosis by a single doctor: you need to make an overwhelming case that you are not fit to work and need Social Security payments in order to survive. Questions? Contact the northern California Social Security disability experts at the Ledgerwood Law Group (888-761-7383) for a free consultation today!

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