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Knowing When to Hire a Butte Workers’ Compensation Attorney

There are a number of instances where protecting yourself with the services of an attorney versed in the nuances of Northern California workers’ compensation law will be in your best interests.

Remember, no matter what the circumstances surrounding your workers’ compensation claim may be, federal law gives you the right to legal representation.

Health circumstances that generally benefit from the assistance of an attorney.

If you have sustained an injury or injuries that:

  • Prevent you from working at all.
  • Will require you switch to a different type of work.
  • Are moderate to severe and will have a long-term or permanent impact on your health.
  • Will require surgery.
  • Exacerbate a pre-existing disability or severe health condition.
  • Are severe enough to have in any way changed your lifestyle or ability to work.


Legal circumstances that typically benefit from working with an attorney.

Other times, the question is less about injury severity and more about dealing with workplace policy. Think about talking to an attorney when:

  • You don’t believe the benefits you are receiving are correct.
  • You do not agree with decisions made about your claim by your employer, your employer’s insurance provider, or the California workers’ compensation division.
  • Your claim for medical benefits has been denied.
  • Your employer does not seem to be complying with a determination made by the California workers’ compensation division.
  • You would prefer to have a professional advocate helping you understand and obtain all the benefits for which you are eligible.


If you are facing an injury that means 12 months or more out of work, a Butte worker’s injury attorney can help you learn about what Social Security disability benefits you may additionally qualify for—as well as how you can start the application process.

To learn more about what the Ledgerwood Law Group can do to help, call 888-761-7383. Be sure to ask for a copy of our special report, The Northern California Workers’ Compensation Survival Manual, packed with valuable information—and available free to your request.

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