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You'll Have a Harder Time Qualifying for Social Security Disability if You're in Your 20s or 30s

The U.S. government has a stake in paying as little in Social Security disability benefits as it possibly can—after all, if just anyone were accepted onto the disability rolls, the nation would quickly go bankrupt! For this reason, SSA examiners are particularly suspicious of applications from people in their 20s or 30s, since an approval of benefits likely means that the government will wind up supporting that person for the rest of his life, at a very high cost.

If You're Less than 40 Years Old, Applying for Disability Can Be a Daunting Process

Why is the Social Security administration so reluctant to grant benefits to relatively young individuals? Well, besides the cost savings cited above, the examiner might suspect that:

  • You are trying to take the “easy way out” by having the government support you, rather than competing in a tight job market
  • You are too young to have completely explored your work options; for example, you may feel that you're useless if you can't work construction, when there are other, less taxing jobs you can hold
  • You are exaggerating a relatively minor condition (a limp, a heart defect, a mental illness) with the aid of unethical doctors and lawyers, who are preying on the disability system
  • There may soon be an improved treatment regimen for your condition, thanks to advances in medical science, and you'll soon be able to return to work
  • You are already being supported by your parents at home, and are not genuinely in need of government assistance

Young and Unable to Work? The Ledgerwood Law Group Can Help

It's true that, as a young applicant for Social Security disability benefits, you are competing against individuals who have unlawfully “gamed” the system and are collecting government benefits so they can sit at home and play video games. However, if you are genuinely disabled and unable to work, you deserve to have your needs taken care of. Want to learn more? Contact the northern California Social Security disability attorneys at the Ledgerwood Law Group (888-761-7383) for a free consultation today!

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