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If You Make the Smallest Mistake on Your Application, the SSA Will Deny Your Disability Claim

Every day, hundreds of people in the US apply for Social Security disability benefits; they suffer from severe chronic diseases (diabetes, cancer, heart disease, etc.), they've permanently wrenched their backs, they have a severe mental illness—the list goes on and on. Unfortunately, it's impossible for the Social Security Administration to grant each and every disability claim, for the simple fact that this would quickly bankrupt the U.S. economy—the result being that the bureaucrat assigned to your case will do everything he can to deny your application.

Even the Smallest Mistake Can Doom Your Social Security Disability Application

What do Social Security examiners seize on when they're in a mood to deny a claim for benefits? Some major red flags include:

  • Already having a job when you apply for benefits. This will be taken as a sign that you're still capable of working, no matter how badly disabled you claim to be.
  • Not supplying adequate medical records. You need much more than a short note from your doctor to convince the SSA that you are severely disabled!
  • Lying on your application. If an SSA examiner catches you fibbing about your age, your previous employment, or the details of a past job, that will land your application in the circular file.
  • Not being sufficiently disabled. The SSA may comb over your medical records and conclude that, while you are too disabled to pursue your current line of work, you can do something less taxing.
  • Not meeting the required deadlines. You need to apply for Social Security disability benefits within a certain time after leaving your last job; if you miss this window, you're out of luck.

Let the Ledgerwood Law Group Help with Your Social Security Disability Claim

If you are a northern California resident who is too ill or disabled to hold any kind of job, and you have no choice but to apply for Social Security disability benefits, the Ledgerwood Law Group can assist you with this complicated process. Call our Social Security disability attorneys today at 888-761-7383 to set up a free consultation!

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