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Ways Doctors May Deny Workers' Comp for X-Rays (and How You Can Fight Them)

If you are trying to get medical testing done for your work injury, you may be receiving some resistance by your doctor. Since insurance companies will always fight to keep costs low, you may have to struggle against a tide of doctors who will dismiss your concerns and deny your referral requests, making it more difficult to get the treatments you need.

Not only should workers’ compensation pay for x-rays, it should also provide for other diagnostic and pain management procedures, including MRIs, EEGs, cortisol injections, or even surgery. However, getting these treatments will almost always involve a fight, for three major reasons:

  • Conflicts of Interest – Most workers’ compensation doctors work within multiple provider networks. These systems are moderated by insurance companies, which place pressure on the doctors to keep costs low, meaning your doctor may not sign off on an expensive procedure even if he believes you need it.
  • Dismissive Behavior – Patients are often made to feel that they are over-concerned about their injuries, and that time and rest will heal their wounds. Some may even be told that diagnostic tests like MRIs cannot be performed until swelling goes down, or that there is not enough evidence of serious injury to order more tests.
  • Deferred Requests – Occasionally when a patient is getting frustrated by the response to his concerns, a doctor will agree to “check into” a problem or “get back to” a client’s request. Patients have become lost in the medical system for months while waiting for referrals (usually while the doctors dodge their calls).


The only way you can get the medical treatment you need while using workers’ compensation insurance is to know how to handle the doctors and insurance providers. It is vital that a patient not give up when he has been denied additional procedures, and to get help when he feels his voice is not being heard.

An attorney on your side can make all the difference in getting your doctors to treat you with respect. In many cases, the Ledgerwood Law Group has been able to expedite treatment for our clients by contacting agreed medical evaluators to evaluate our clients’ conditions and recommend a treatment plan, shaving months or even years off the patent’s recovery.

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