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Why You Shouldn’t Go Into a Shasta Workers’ Comp Claim Alone

In the weeks after you’ve sustained a significant injury at your workplace, you’re going to hear a lot of advice. Inevitably, many people are faced with two conflicting suggestions, just as vehement on one side as the other.

One person is going to tell you that you shouldn’t hire an attorney; that you are allowed to represent yourself and working with an attorney will just cost you legal fees you could have kept.

Another is going to tell you that the most important thing you can do for your claim is work with a Shasta workers’ compensation attorney from the very beginning of the process.

Since you’re reading this article on an attorney’s website, you’ve probably already guessed that, for the most part, we’re going to agree with the second option. However, instead of giving you more of the same groundless advice you’ve been getting since your injury, we’re going to break the issue down to a few very important facts.

Five reasons working with an attorney can be more financially beneficial in the long run

  1. Your employer’s insurance provider has an attorney. You’ve probably already discovered that the company handling your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance is not a friendly ally dedicated to making your life easier. In fact, one of the main reasons clients seek our services is because of problems with insurance providers. Without an attorney, your employer’s insurance is more likely to view your case as a low priority and offer you a much smaller settlement than you might have received otherwise.
  2. You are probably entitled to more benefits than you realize. Someone with no experience in the field will doubtlessly underestimate how much their case is worth. There may even be additional benefits you aren’t aware of—support needed for you and your family in the long run.
  3. Not knowing the law leads to costly mistakes. It’s much easier than you think to say or sign something that could cost you a good chunk of your settlement if not your whole case. The liaison and translation services an attorney can provide you with are crucial.
  4. It’s an attorney’s job to understand the system. Not only that, but key players in your case are more likely to respond to them better. Many clients find that working with an attorney helps them obtain a significantly better outcome in a shorter period of time.
  5. We only get paid on a contingent fee basis. That means if we aren’t able to generate some form of permanent disability income for our clients, we don’t get paid. When a settlement is reached, we will be issued a separate, 15% fee by your employer’s insurance company.


So don’t wait another day. Get your free evaluation from a Shasta workers' compensation attorney today. Contact us at 888-761-7383. Our informative report, The Northern California Workers’ Compensation Survival Manual, is available free at your request.

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