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You Should Never Be Too Proud to Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits

If you've been supporting yourself all your life, and proud of it, the last thing you want to do when you are seriously ill or injured is to rely on the government for money. For this reason, many individuals who are unable to work—but too young to retire—try to live for as long as they can on their savings accounts and other assets, rather than applying for Social Security disability. This can be a big mistake!

If You Wait Too Long to Apply for Disability, You May Be Shut Out of the System

The rules vary according to your age, but you will be taking a serious risk if you wait one or two years after retiring from the workforce to apply for Social Security disability payments. This is because:

  • It's very likely that your initial application will be denied, and you will be forced to rely on your own devices for several more months, or even one or two years
  • If you wait too long, you may miss the window to apply for benefits, and your odds of ever collecting disability will drop to virtually zero
  • If you exhaust your savings, your investments, and sell off all your assets, you'll wind up homeless—which is even worse than accepting government assistance
  • If you manage to survive for two or three years out of the workforce without disability, the government may assume you have an alternate source of income and deny benefits
  • You may become a drain on your immediate family, who will be forced to support you when you could be getting monthly payments from the government

You Should Apply for Disability as Soon as You Leave the Workforce

If you've been working all your life, you've been paying into the Social Security system all your life—so there is no shame in applying for benefits when you are too severely ill or disabled to hold a job. Want to learn more? Contact the northern California Social Security disability experts at the Ledgerwood Law Group (888-761-7383) for a free consultation today!

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