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Chico Workers’ Comp Attorney Explains Compensable Consequences and How You Can Benefit


What is a compensable consequence?

A compensable consequence is an injury resulting from a prior workplace injury or illness or the treatment of a workplace injury or treatment. Injuries of this type can happen because:

  • The injured worker’s health was compromised by the original illness or injury, leaving them susceptible to complications.
  • The original injury impaired the worker’s functional capacity, causing another accident with another injury.
  • The original injury created circumstances that significantly impacted the worker’s emotional well-being, leading to depression, sleep disturbances, or other psyche disturbances.
  • Some aspect of treatment for the worker’s injury caused an unintended side effect or illness.

When a Chico workers’ compensation claim is handled correctly—meaning that the injured worker receives a full workup by a physician who acknowledges all compensable consequences in medical record for a specific type of injury and its treatment—and you know what should ultimately be claimed, compensable consequences can dramatically improve your final benefit.

In other words, being aware of compensable consequences might be the only way to obtain a monthly compensation benefit that will reasonably cover your expenses.

Recent Changes to the Law

Unfortunately, though such injuries can be extremely costly for the individual dealing with them, starting in 2013, California workers’ compensation law no longer viewed several types of compensable consequences as independently ratable. These include:

  • Psyche disturbances, including depression, except in the most severe cases.
  • Sleep disturbances.
  • Sexual dysfunction.

A lot of the time, workers who don’t have legal representation will get an abbreviated examination by a company physician who doesn’t take the time to examine you for the compensable consequences on medical record for your type of injury.

Determining the compensable consequences of your workplace injury can be extremely difficult without appropriate guidance. If you need to learn more, schedule a free consultation with a Chico workers' comp lawyer as soon as possible. Contact the Ledgerwood Law Group at 888-761-7383 or through our online contact form.

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