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Know Your Application Status | Northern California Disability Attorney

It's no secret that it takes a while to secure federal aid for disabilities. In Northern California, the average wait time after submitting an initial Social Security disability benefits application or reconsideration appeal is more than ten months. 

It's also no secret that while you're waiting, life goes on, and you're going to need support now, as much as you ever will. You want to do whatever you can to make sure your application doesn't get stalled out somewhere in the decision process.

Checking into the status of your SSDI claim will not only protect you from unnecessary delays, it may get you a decision faster.

Reasons to regularly check the status of your SSDI application:

  • To make sure Social Security has received your application. Paperwork can get lost or misfiled. 
  • To ensure data has been entered correctly. Something as simple as swapped digits or an incorrectly spelled name could mean months of frustration further down the line.
  • To keep your contact information current. If you've moved or changed your name, you'll want to update the examiner as soon as possible. If the SSA is unable to get in touch with you, it may mean an automatic denial. You might also not receive your decision notification.
  • To keep your health information up to date. It's possible that the people reviewing your case will have follow-up questions about your condition or need you to have a consult examination.
  • To help the disability examiner obtain your medical records. The longest part of the claim review process involves requesting and receiving your medical records. If the examiner has been waiting an unusually long amount of time to hear back from one of your doctors, you may be able to speed along the process by getting in touch with their office personally. It's possible that taking this sort of initiative may expedite the decision on your case.
  • To make sure you have the opportunity to file an appeal. If you receive an unfavorable decision on your application, you have 65 days to file an appeal. That's 65 days after the date on the notification, not the day you finally received the notification. You must meet this deadline even if it's the administration's fault that you received the notification late—or you didn't receive it at all.

Remember that a knowledgeable and experienced North Valley disability lawyer will have worked with disability examiners already. Tracking your claim as it moves through the decision process is just one of the ways we can help improve your odds of a successful outcome. Call the Ledgerwood Law Group at 888-761-7383 for a no-cost case review today.

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