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Don't Let a “Vocational Expert” Quash Your Social Security Disability Application

When you apply for Social Security disability, you are telling the government that your medical condition makes it impossible for you to hold any kind of job. When it considers your paperwork, the Social Security Administration will rely on a “vocational expert” to decide whether you are truly incapable of working, or whether the nature of your disability makes it possible for you to have a less taxing job (such as, say, working at a call center). And guess whose side this “vocational expert” is really on.

You Can't Let a “Vocational Expert” Have the Last Word

You will normally get your first glimpse of the vocational expert assigned to your case at your Social Security disability hearing, where the SSA representative will ask the “expert” whether there are any jobs in the U.S. economy that you are capable of holding, given your medical condition. He may testify that:

  • You're not as seriously disabled as you claim, and you can return to your previous line of work
  • Your previous job is too taxing, given your medical condition, but you can do other jobs at the same company
  • You genuinely can't return to your previous company (say, if you were a construction worker), but you can hold a “desk job” in middle management somewhere else
  • You are in fact seriously disabled, but you are still capable of working at a call center, at a significant reduction in pay compared to your last job
  • If you are claiming disability because of a mental condition, you can continue to hold your job given the proper medication or treatment

Don't Let Your “Vocational Expert” Go Unchallenged

Social Security's vocational experts are notorious for inventing, twisting, or misrepresenting facts in order to hammer home that you are not too disabled to hold any kind of job. That's why you need an experienced attorney at your side during your disability hearing, who can challenge the verdict of this so-called “expert.” Want to learn more? Contact the northern California Social Security disability lawyers at the Ledgerwood Law Group (888-761-7383) for a free consultation today!

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