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I have a list of questions to ask an attorney about his background and experience, but I have no idea how to determine if he will be a good match for working with me on my workers’ compensation claim. Can you suggest a few questions to help guide me?


Absolutely. Chances are, a skilled Glenn workers’ comp lawyers will address many of your questions about their experiences and backgrounds as they introduce themselves at the start of your consultation.

A big part of the reason Ledgerwood Law Group offers initial consultations at no cost is because that first meeting is also a prime opportunity to give our prospective clients a sense of how we would work together as a team. Some helpful questions to ask might be:

  • How will you communicate with me? As a follow-up, you might want to see how long it typically takes to return messages.
  • When there is a decision, will you give me all the information and expect me to come to a decision independently, or offer me guidance on my best option? Everyone has preferences.
  • How can I help my case? Generally, the best outcomes occur when a client is invested in the process.
  • Is there anything I haven’t considered? This question is a good way to capture any elements of your case you haven’t considered, and to see how you like his or her response.


Ready to take control of the workers’ compensation process? Talk to a Glenn workers’ comp attorney at Ledgerwood Law Group in a no-cost initial consultation today. Call 888-761-7383 or fill out our online quick contact form. Additionally, learn more about the claim process in our book, The Northern California Workers’ Compensation Survival Manual—FREE at your request!

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