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Why does a job description matter so much in a California workers' compensation claim?


The difference in your job description on a California workers' comp claim can literally be measured in dollars. The system is set up to give a higher rating (and percentage) to workers whose injuries are likely to affect their work abilities in the future. There are pages and pages of occupations in the worker’s compensation schedule, and huge variances in the physical nature of the job for each classification.

Before you choose your job description for your California workers' comp claim, consider the following:

  • Everyday work – Many public school educators may be tempted to identify themselves as simply “teacher.” However, you may be able to claim a higher percentage if you are also a physical education coach, teacher’s aide, or special education assistant.
  • Physical duties – The work classification you are given by your employer may not demonstrate all of the physical work that you do in the course of your day. An administrative assistant may answer phones and compose emails, but many deliver and pick up lunches and deliver heavy carts of departmental mail.
  • Injury circumstances – The work you were doing at the time of your injury could have a huge bearing on your claim. For example, if you were helping a coworker carry a heavy load or operate industrial machinery, your job classification may easily be upgraded.


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