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Why does it take so long to work through my Tehama disability claim appeal?


After you or your legal representation have filed to appeal an unfavorable decision on your SSI or SSDI claim, your entire file is sent to the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) to be prepared for your hearing.

This is not a small undertaking. Every document, record, evaluation, form, letter and transcript associated with your case is in your file. Files can contain several hundred pages worth of data.

Administrative staff at ODAR must painstakingly work through every document, put them into a logical order, number them individually, then build a reference document—essentially indexing your file for quick reference. The completed reference created in this process is called the exhibit list. An example of one of these lists in on the SSA website.

The list is necessary for two important reasons:

  • It will allow quick access to key documents during your hearing and the determination process.
  • It will help to identify redundant, omitted, out-of-date or erroneous information in your file.

After the indexing process is complete, you and your attorney will receive copies of the file and associated exhibit list.

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