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What kind of descriptions do I need to give for the Past Relevant Work history part of my Butte SSDI claim?


The information you give for Past Relevant Work will be far more comprehensive than the sort of descriptions you’d give on a job application or resume. That’s because you need to give disability examiner or administrative law judge a detailed understanding of both the work you did and the sort of demands it put on you, mentally or physically.

It’s important to never limit job descriptions because you think it will improve your odds of approval – chances are, omitting or falsifying information will do exactly the opposite.

What information to put in past job descriptions:

  • Job title
  • How long you were at the job
  • Number of hours in an average work week
  • What the work environment was like
  • Amount of interaction with the public
  • Amount of money handling
  • Amount of training you received
  • Number of people you supervised, if any
  • If you needed specialized training
  • Any special accommodations necessary for you to complete regular work tasks
  • Physical tasks necessary to complete the job
  • Mental tasks necessary to complete the job
  • Tools and equipment used
  • Why the job stopped

Past Relevant Work history can be a challenging aspect of your Butte SSDI claim. Many people can feel overwhelmed and confused by the process. If you’re ready to take charge of your disability case, talk one of the dedicated attorneys at Ledgerwood Law Group as soon as possible. Call toll-free 888-761-7383.

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