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How many days out can a Med Legal doctor set my appointment?

Generally the rule of thumb for a MedLegal appointment to be considered as set "timely", would be within 60 days of the request for appointment. If an appointment cannot be set in that time frame, and all parties do not agree to the date outside of that time frame, we are sent back to square one. We have to try to agree on an AME doctor, or request a new Panel be sent in if one of the other doctors on the original panel cannot set a timely appointment. This can be a gamble depending on the other doctors left on the panel vs. requesting a new panel. This is carefully considered by the attorney on a case by case basis. In other words, is it worth the risk to be set up with an overly conservative MedLegal doctor now, or take a chance, and the extra time, to request a new list of doctors that might be more liberal.
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