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I am preparing for my Social Security Disability hearing. I keep hearing about an exhibit list. What is this and what do I need to do with it?


After your Request for Hearing has been filed, your file will be transferred to the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR).  This usually happens between five months to a year after your request.  Once this transfer takes place, you will receive a letter along with a disk from this office explaining that list of exhibits has been prepared for your review.  You will be provided directions concerning how to open the disk as it is encrypted for security purposes.  Every document that the SSA sent to anyone regarding your claim will be found on this exhibit list.  You will also find records of every document that you submitted to the SSA, copies of all consultative examinations done, copies of all notices sent and copies of all medical and wage related records that have been compiled and submitted in connection with your claim.  The main thing that you want to do in reviewing these materials is to ensure that all pertinent medical records have been submitted and incorporated.  If not, you will want to obtain these records and mail them to the ODAR office immediately.  If you are provided a sheet with a barcode on it in this package, you could use the barcode as a cover sheet and fax additional records to ODAR.  The SSA is in the process of converting files to electronic format, so a barcode sheet may or may not be included in your package.


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