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I was awarded permanent partial disability by a workers’ comp judge after a Chico workplace injury and can no longer do my old job. Yesterday, I received an offer for a different job from my employer, which doesn’t sound good for me. However, my husband is pressuring me to take it anyway. What should I do?


The short answer: talk to your Chico worker’s compensation attorney as soon as possible so they can make sure the job meets all the necessary requirements for a valid offer of modified or alternative work.

The slightly longer answer: just like everything you’ve dealt with in the workers’ compensation system, you’ll need to keep in mind crucial deadlines and qualifications with regard to this job offer. For example:

  • Employers are encouraged by California workers’ compensation law to offer injured workers modified or alternative work, so it’s fairly normal to get an offer. Unfortunately, employers are only under obligation to provide a job that meets the standard for length, location, compensation, and your work restrictions—which does mean that sometimes you will end up with a job that just involves “sitting around doing nothing.”
  • Many employers put a time limit on job offers—you may have as little as 30 days to make a decision. If they don’t hear back from you within the limit, they are allowed to withdraw the offer.
  • If you turn down the job or don’t respond to a valid offer of different work, you effectively waive your right to supplemental job displacement benefits.


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