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How much should I try to get in my California workers’ compensation claim?


While there are ways to get maximum compensation in your California workers’ comp claim, you should avoid inflating numbers or exaggerating in the hopes of getting more money. Well-meaning friends may encourage you to “try to get” anything you can, but they likely do not know the penalties for filing fraudulent claims.

We know you are seriously injured, and you need help to pay your bills while you are unable to work. Unfortunately, providing false information on your claim can do you more harm than good. Workers’ compensation fraud is a felony that carries a maximum fine of $150,000, or twice the amount of the fraud (whichever is greater).

Workers’ Compensation Coverage

Your claim will remain on file long after you have collected payment, so be smart and stick to the facts. A valid claim can provide you with all of the funds you need for your:

  • Medical treatments, including past hospital bills and future recovery.
  • Rent and bills while you recover via your Temporary Disability or Permanent Disability benefits.
  • Prescriptions and out-of-pocket costs with benefits from other governmental programs.
  • Permanent loss of income if you choose to settle your claim in court to receive compensation in full

Get the Help You Need

Why not let someone who knows the ins and outs of California workers’ compensation claims explain the process to you and help you find the best option that works for you? Call the Ledgerwood Law Group today at 888-761-7383 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.