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My husband is having his Tehama workers’ compensation claim deposition soon. He has a habit of answering questions without really understanding what he’s being asked. I’m concerned. Is there anything that could help him retrain this habit?


You are right to be concerned. It’s frustrating enough in our day-to-day dealings to feel like a loved one isn’t listening to us. In a Tehama workers’ compensation claim deposition, when your answers are under oath and penalty of perjury, answering a question you don’t understand could very well lead to a felony charge.

Here are a few things your husband should know before his deposition:

  • He will be responsible for everything he says during his testimony.
  • The judge will assume that your husband completely understands any question he answers.
  • It is fairly likely that the defense attorney will attempt to damage your husband’s credibility with questions that seem off-topic or strangely worded.
  • Your husband has the right to ask for clarification on any question he doesn’t understand.
  • He might want to consider scheduling a case review with a Tehama workers' compensation attorney. Not only is it free, but it may also help him understand the importance of pre-deposition coaching.


Meeting for a case review with one of our skilled and knowledgeable workers’ compensation attorneys is FREE. You can ask questions, learn about your rights, and discuss a plan for moving forward. During this time, we will talk about the importance of pre-deposition coaching.

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