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My sister is encouraging me to hire a Tehama workers’ comp attorney to help me apply for Social Security disability benefits at the same time I file for workers’ compensation. Am I allowed to apply for both at the same time?


Yes! In fact, a Tehama workplace injury attorney strongly encourages clients in your situation to do exactly that.

Many of our clients who get approved for SSDI benefits find that the overall compensation they receive from Social Security disability is far greater—and lasts for much longer—than the settlement they received from their employer’s insurance provider. Additionally, after two years of receiving SSDI, you’ll qualify for coverage by Medicaid.

Filing for Social Security disability at the same time you submit a claim to California workers’ compensation insurance gives you several important advantages in the process, including:

  • Saving you money by allowing you to use records from the medical exams paid for by your workers’ compensation provider for your Social Security disability benefits application.
  • Giving you the earliest possible start date for back pay.
  • Increasing the likelihood of workers’ compensation benefits covering the lengthy waiting period during the Social Security disability claims process.


If you do work with a Tehama workers’ comp attorney for your workers’ compensation claim, he or she will also be able to help you build a persuasive application for SSD. Learn more by filling out the online form or calling the Ledgerwood Law Group at 888-761-7383. Also ask for our free informative book, The California Workers’ Compensation Survival Manual.

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