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My family doctor gave me a thorough physical, and he determined that my chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is so bad that I can no longer continue working. Will this satisfy the Social Security Administration when I apply for disability benefits?


Well, it's a good start, but you're not quite there yet. You may have an extremely competent and conscientious family doctor, and he may have given you an honest (if stark) diagnosis of your condition, but his word will not be enough for Social Security to put you on its disability rolls. In  order for your claim to be accepted, you will have to obtain a second or even third opinion about your medical condition, and all the physicians you consult will have to agree unanimously that you are no longer fit to work. Even this may not be enough for the SSA; the examiner may demand to see your medical bills, the results of medical tests, a list of the prescription medications you're taking, and other evidence attesting to the state of your health.

Why does the SSA demand so much evidence, when it's clear to you (and to your family, and to your doctor) that you're too ill to work? Well, you can thank all of the people who make up serious medical conditions out of whole cloth, or exaggerate a minor impairment into a major disability, in order to scam the government out of substantial monthly payments. The fact is that there are thousands of people on Social Security disability (you may know a few yourself) who have obtained benefits unethically, often with the complicity of medical professionals, so the bar is raised higher for individuals like yourself who are genuinely ill and unable to work.

If you are a northern California resident who is thinking of applying for Social Security disability benefits, you need the help of an experienced lawyer who can represent your rights. Intrigued? Contact the northern California Social Security disability attorneys at the Ledgerwood Law Group (888-761-7383) for a free consultation today!

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