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Is there anything I can do to get my Northern California SSDI claims appeal decision faster?


Unfortunately, for the vast majority of SSDI claims, there really is no way to expedite a decision. 

The Social Security Administration is backlogged with hundreds of thousands of disability claims, and they’re taking on more cases with each passing year. Unless your diagnosis is extremely severe and clear cut, there isn’t really a way to fast track an initial application or appeal. 

It’s an incredibly discouraging situation. For most applicants, it’s also extremely frightening—they have no income and are unable to work. Factoring in medical expenses, it’s no wonder so many claimants are hesitant to hire legal representation.

However, hiring a Northern California SSDI attorney may be more important than ever.

Though it won’t expedite your decision, a lawyer well versed in the claims process might be able to significantly reduce the overall timeframe of your case. That’s because a California disability benefits attorney can:

  • Help you understand all the programs and benefits you qualify for.
  • Properly fill out and file forms necessary for the appeal process.
  • Verify the SSA has entered data correctly. 
  • Follow your claim through the decision process, taking necessary actions to prevent unnecessary delays or automatic denials.
  • Tell you what information you will need from your doctors and in what format.
  • Help determine if your case qualifies for fast-track programs or other types of aid.
  • Apply years of experience with the SSA system to increase the likelihood of an approval decision in the shortest possible timeframe.

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