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I’ve heard that I should report any ‘qualifying’ changes in my life situation to the SSA so they can appropriately adjust my monthly Northern California disability benefits payment. What kinds of changes apply?


One way to look at it is that any time a change in your life might affect your monthly or overall income, it might impact the amount you receive in your monthly disability benefits and so it needs to be reported to the Social Security Administration (SSA) as soon as possible.

Many life issues can cause changes to your monthly disability benefit. Not reporting them could cause you problems like SSDI overpayments or unexpected benefit reductions.

Here are some examples of situations that might apply:

  • Significant changes in your diagnosis or health status
  • Changes in your living arrangement
  • Receiving an inheritance
  • Getting married or divorced
  • Having a baby
  • Receiving alimony or child support
  • Dependants moving in or out of your home
  • Gaining or losing assets
  • Any new income, even a job that only offers a few hours a week at minimum wage. One of the difficulties faced by SSDI and SSI recipients regarding employment is that any kind of employment may jeopardize access to disability benefits.

Also be sure to keep the SSA updated on any change that may impact how they contact or pay you, such as:

  • New phone numbers
  • New primary banking account
  • Change in mailing address

If you are a Northern Californian with disabilities who needs help navigating the labyrinth of SSA disability benefits, talk with a Chico disability benefits attorney as soon as you can. Call the Ledgerwood Law Group toll-free at 888-761-7383.

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