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I've been working full-time since I was 17—and now, at the age of 47, I have a degenerative disease that makes it impossible for me to hold a job. I've always been self-reliant, and I'm ashamed to apply for Social Security disability payments. What should I do?


Well, you have one of two choices. If, by some miracle, you have managed to accumulate hundreds of  thousands of dollars in savings, and you have equally valuable assets (like a fully paid-for home), you can probably afford to spurn the $1,000 or so in monthly Social Security disability payments and draw down your funds until you're eligible for retirement (at which point you presumably won't be shy about accepting regular Social Security checks!). But if, like most working stiffs, you barely have enough money in the bank to cover two months of expenses, and you're still paying rent or a mortgage, you'll have no choice but to swallow your pride and send in a disability application.

The fact is that, during those 30 years you were working, you were paying your fair share into the Social Security system, so you should not feel any shame about recouping your investment now that you are no longer able to work. It will also help to understand that you are genuinely disabled, and thus completely unlike all those shady characters who fake their disabilities in the hopes of being supported by the government for the rest of their lives. Assuming you can prove that your condition makes it impossible for you to hold down any kind of job—even one that involves sitting at a desk—you deserve those monthly disability payments!

At the Ledgerwood Law Group, we know how hard it can be for a self-reliant, hard-working individual to incur a career-ending disability and apply to the government for benefits. Want to learn more? Contact our northern California Social Security disability experts at 888-761-7383 for a free consultation today!

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