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I understand it can take more than seven months to hear back on my Chico SSDI application. I could be dealing with serious financial hardships if it takes that long. Could I get Presumptive Disability Benefits to help?


No. Regrettably, Presumptive Disability Benefits, Social Security’s six-month temporary payment program is only offered to Supplemental Security Income (SSI) applicants who have certain severe disabilities and meet low-income criteria established by Social Security.

As you learned at the SSA website, the processing period for an SSDI claim is at least seven months in most parts of the country. Many claimants were already struggling to make ends meet before applying; know that you are not alone in dealing with extreme financial hardships.

The SSA offers a few SSDI “fast-track” options. Unfortunately, these are generally only available to people with very severe disabilities and terminal illnesses. They include:

  • Compassionate Allowances expedites the applications of individuals diagnosed with conditions on the SSA impairment listing. Through the CAL program, claimants may receive a decision as quickly as ten days.
  • The Terminal Illness Program fast-tracks claims where an individual has been diagnosed with an illness anticipated to result in their death.
  • Quick Disability Determination uses complex software to predict the claim’s likelihood of approval. The SSA selects applicants for this fast-track option based on the severity of the claim. QDD decisions can return within 20 days.


To help increase your chances of receiving all the benefits you apply for without unnecessary delays, consider retaining a Northern California SSDI lawyer. To set up a consultation at no cost to you, call our offices at 888-761-7383 as soon as possible.

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