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I’m anxious to hear the decision on my Chico claim appeal hearing. How long will it take to hear back from the Administrative Law Judge?


Unfortunately, there is no established stand amount of time you will wait before the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) sends you notification of the decision on your claim.

It may help to understand that the appeal hearing isn’t where the judge will decide on your case, but simply another aspect of the information gathering process necessary to make the final determination. In the hearing, the judge is able to consult with you and with experts who can provide informed opinions about your medical condition and the types of work you may be eligible for.

The ALJ will not notify you of his or her decision the day, week, or month your hearing takes place. In fact, in many parts of California, it can take nearly a year for the ALJ to return a verdict. It’s possible to call the hearing office and request the location’s current estimate on determinations, but the estimate will probably run short.

Lengthy processing times are one of the many reasons to start the application process for Social Security disability benefits in California as soon as you know you will need them. For many applicants, the process can take years to complete.

Are you ready to feel more in control of your disability benefits claim? Working with a Chico disability attorney can prevent unnecessary delays and improve your chances of obtaining approval much earlier in the process. To learn more, call toll-free 888-761-7383 or fill out the online contact form.

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