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I’ve heard that I can be video recorded by investigators for evidence against my Butte workers’ compensation claim. How much weight is evidence of this nature actually given by the judge determining my case?


Smart question. Whether it’s traffic or security cameras, we spend a fair amount of time being recorded each day—often without our knowledge. However, learning that investigators, specifically, might be targeting you every time you leave the house can be really intimidating.

To put the situation in perspective, let’s take a look at how seriously this type of evidence is taken by the authorities involved in determining your case.

Scenario A:  You are going about typical, everyday activities within the established limitations of your injury.

This constitutes the vast majority of videos our Butte workers’ comp attorneys see presented by the defense. For the most part, seeing you drive to the doctor or perform light-duty chores isn’t going to change a medical professional’s underlying opinion of your limitations, especially if you are receiving pain medication as an aspect of your treatment. Handled correctly, this type of video won’t have a lasting impact on your case.

Scenario B:  You are performing sustained work activities well outside the limitations reported to your doctor.

That’s where the big problems come in – not just as far as winning a workers’ comp claim is concerned, but also in landing yourself with a felony.

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