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How long is the average wait for a Tehama disability claim appeal hearing?


By the time you get to even the first level of appeal for an unfavorable decision on your claim, it’s probably been a good year—or even two—since you first began the application process. Chances are you’ve dealt with a lot of financial hardship in that time, and the prospect of waiting even longer for an appeal hearing may seem overwhelming.

Unfortunately, the average wait time for an appeal hearing through a California ODAR office is currently about 10 months. Estimates in Northern California can be a year or more. Wait times for individual ODAR offices can vary significantly. There is no single reason for the discrepancy, but contributing factors can include:

  • The number ODAR offices in the region.
  • The number of judges working in local ODAR offices.
  • The number of administrative specialists working at local ODAR offices.
  • Evaluation styles of the Administrative Law Judges.
  • Organization and efficiency levels at local ODAR offices.
  • Current caseloads.


While it is possible to call the office handling your case and ask for the current wait time, the answer you receive may not correlate with the amount of time you will wait.

It’s important to understand your options before filing an appeal with disability court. Working with a Tehama disability benefits attorney will not only limit unnecessary delays and improve the odds of getting an appeal much earlier in the process, it will also give you insight into the ODAR office and ALJ assigned to your case. Ready to learn more? Call the Ledgerwood Law Group toll-free 888-761-7383 today.

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