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I just saw my Med Legal (AME/Panel QME) doctor, how long does the doctor have to issue their report?


The Med Legal doctor has 30 calendar days from the date of the commencement of the exam to issue the report, however, an extension may be requested. Also, given the small number of doctors available who are able to do these types of exams for the large volume of injured workers in California, it is not uncommon for many Med Legal doctors to require more than 30 days to prepare and release a copy of their report.

There are three reasons a physician may request an extension, in which case, the physician must file a time frame extension request with the DWC Medical Unit:

-The physician requested you have additional medical tests and is awaiting results in order to complete their report or issue a supplemental report

-The physician requested a consultation and is awaiting the consultant's report

-The physician has a "good cause" for an extension. A good cause is a medical emergency of the evaluator or the evaluator's family, death in evaluator's family, natural disaster or other community catastrophes that interrupt the operation of the evaluator's office. 

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