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How can an attorney help me with my Workers' Compensation case?


Getting an attorney involved in your case can relieve you of the day-to-day uncertainties of dealing with a claims adjuster.  We handle all issues involved in a workers’ compensation case.  The Ledgerwood Law Group has a staff to handle the day-to-day problems in an injured worker’s case such as:

a)      Medical treatment

b)      Late benefits

c)      Routine questions

d)     Coordination of medical evaluations/correspondence

e)      Mileage reimbursements

f)       Advances on case settlements

g)      Advising clients on the status of their cases.

The Workers’ Compensation System has become very complex.  It really is a specialty within itself.  The Ledgerwood Law Group can make sure that you are treated fairly.  We handle all the frustrations of dealing with an insurance company.  We have the tools at our disposal to force them to expedited hearings if they are not giving our clients their due.  Most importantly, after the settlement, our office continues to help you if you need future medical treatment.

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