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Is it possible that I might NOT need a Butte workers’ comp attorney to assist me through the Northern California workers’ compensation process?


We can say from experience that every client and every case is different. Without knowing all the variables in your case, it’s impossible to say whether you’d need an attorney or not. That’s a big part of the reason we provide our potential clients with a no-cost consultation.

Generally, however, there are certain situations where an attorney’s services might be less useful to you. For example:

  • Your injuries are fairly minor and you expect to return to work after a relatively brief recovery period.
  • Your injuries will not have a long-term impact on your lifestyle or ability to work.
  • Your doctor has released you to return to full duties at work and you feel ready to do so.
  • There haven’t been any complications with your employer.
  • The insurance company paid all your medical bills and compensated you for your recovery time without any hassle.


However, if you don’t agree with all of the above (for instance, if your employer’s insurance provider wants you to sign a settlement and you aren’t comfortable with the terms) you may want to speak with a Butte workers' compensation attorney before taking any steps you might later regret. 

To learn more, call the Ledgerwood Law Group toll-free at 888-761-7383 or fill out our online form. Also be sure to ask for a copy of our informative and free report, The Northern California Workers’ Compensation Survival Manual.

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