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Based on the experiences of my friends, I'm discouraged by the odds of successfully applying for Social Security disability benefits, even though my current medical condition makes it impossible for me to work. What should I do?


It's understandable that you should feel intimidated by the Social Security disability process. The fact is that more U.S. citizens are applying for disability than ever before, as a result of which each application is put through the virtual wringer: read, reread, checked, rechecked, and gone over with a veritable fine-toothed comb. If the examiner finds anything even the least bit off—a misstatement about your work history or an incomplete medical document, for example—she will deny your application.

It doesn't help, of course, that so many people attempt to defraud the government by filing a trumped-up claim for Social Security disability benefits. These are the folks who claim they can't work because of a bad back, yet manage to tend to their gardens every day or go out dancing on weekends! If your friends fall into this category, their claims were rightfully denied, and you needn't extrapolate from their example to conclude that you'll never be granted Social Security disability benefits (assuming, of course, that you are indeed unable to work and have the medical records to back that up).

If you're worried about how the SSA will look on your disability application, you owe it to yourself to hire an experienced Social Security disability lawyer, who can guide you through this lengthy (and often emotionally exhausting) process and give you the bast chance of having your paperwork accepted. Questions? Contact the Ledgerwood Law Group today at 888-761-7383 for a free consultation!

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