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Working Hard to Earn Results for North Valley Residents with Social Security Disability and Worker’s Compensation Claims

Woman Gets $27,000 Check and Lifetime Disability Benefits Thanks to Quick Work of the LLG

Client was frantic after learning that her claim for Social Security Disability benefits was denied by the SSA months before she ever received a formal denial in the mail.  Her denial was lost in the postal system and the time limit to file a request for reconsideration had passed.  She came to the LLG, and we filed a good cause statement and the appropriate documents to keep her claim alive.  We were not going to let this lady suffer because of something totally out of her hands!

We went on to hearing and presented the case and won!  Client got $27,000.00 in back benefits and ongoing Social Security Disability payments.  Between that and her PERS benefits, she is set for life.  

Awarded: Awarded $27,000

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