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Truck Driver with injuries to neck, right arm and bilateral shoulders gets $79,000

Client suffered a cumulative trauma injury over his 20 year career bouncing around in the inside the cabs of big rigs.  Over time, he suffered debilitating injuries to his cervical spine, right upper extremity and bilateral shoulders performing very physical repetitive motions including uncoupling heavy trailers. The symptoms from his progressive injuries caught up with him and he could no longer perform his job duties.

The workers’ compensation insurance carrier initially denied his claim for workers’ compensation benefits.

After a series of unsuccessful conservative medical treatments, it was finally determined through medical evidence, that client was suffering from bone spurs and subacromial impingement in one of his shoulders that were directly related to his work as a truck driver. After a lengthy battle with the carrier through the workers compensation system, surgery was ultimately authorized and performed. In addition to getting needed medical treatment, LLG was able to secure a $79,000 lump sum settlement for client. 

Awarded: Awarded $79,000

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