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Great Result For Longtime Client - From $80,000 to $280,000

Great Result For Longtime Client - From $80,000 to $280,000

Great Result for Longtime Client:

This man had been our client for about 13 years.  He settled on stipulations more than 7 years ago.  He was treating with his future medical award and future medical wasn't great, certainly not what it was when he was awarded future medical but like many of our clients he was wary to give up future medical, but then getting treatment became even more challenging, his medical treatment was at the mercy of the comp carrier so he chose to settle out his rights to future medical so he could have control over his medical treatment.

The carrier offered him 85,000 to settle.  This was not a fair settlement for this man's injuries so we fought the carrier and settled at $280,000.  Now he has regained control of his medical treatment and his life! 

Awarded: $280,000 award for settlement of future medical treatment

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