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Client with old back injury finally free of Work-Comp and IMR

Client sustained a back injury 15 years ago and has been stuck in the comp system ever since.

He came to us wanting control of his medical treatment so he could seek treatment other than the numerous pain killers he was on, these treatments were denied by work-comp.  When he came to us the carrier was completely uninterested in settling his future medical treatment rights or authorizing the treatment he was seeking.

We were able to negotiate with them to settle his future medical treatment rights for $50,000.  This gave him money for his medical treatment and got him money over and above the MSA for non-medicare covered expenses.

Client is now in control of his future medical treatment just in time to avoid SB-863 and the IMR process that would likely have affected his treatment greatly.

Awarded: $50,000 award for settlement of future medical treatment

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