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You Must Be Severely Mentally Ill to Collect Disability

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There's an important difference between mental illnesses, like obsessive-compulsive disorder, and physical illnesses like cancer. If you have cancer, it must be treated intensively, or it will kill you sooner rather than later; there's no such thing as a “trivial” cancer. On the other hand, people suffer illnesses like OCD in varying degrees; if you have a mild case, you might count the number of times you stir your coffee in the morning, but you're otherwise able to go to work and be a productive individual. But if you have a serious case, you may find it virtually impossible to get out the door without performing numerous rituals, and you'll be of absolutely no use in an office environment.

The Social Security disability system caters to people who have severe, incapacitating mental illnesses that make it virtually impossible for them to hold jobs—not to individuals who have a hard time brushing their teeth in the morning because they feel “depressed” or interpret their disruptive mood swings as bipolar disorder. You can't reasonably apply for Social Security disability because you're “sad” all the time, and if you do, your paperwork will be immediately rejected by an SSA examiner. You need to document that your mental illness has been treated medically (either with stays in outpatient facilities or intensive drug treatment), and that no matter what doctors do, you are still unable to recover sufficiently to hold any kind of job. 

At the Ledgerwood Law Group, we know how difficult it can be to obtain Social Security disability benefits for a mental condition—especially since many mentally ill people “look” perfectly fit and capable of working. Do you want to learn more? Contact our northern California Social Security disability lawyers today at 888-761-7383.

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