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Do You Have a Cumulative Trauma Injury?

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Cumulative Trauma can often be overlooked in a Workers’ Compensation claim.  These are sometimes referred to as “repetitive stress injuries” along with many other terms.  These injuries come about due to repetitive motion or long term exposure to environmental factors; essentially these injuries come about over the course of your employment, not necessarily on a specific date.  It is important to recognize if you have a cumulative trauma injury and file accordingly.  It is a recognized legal theory of causation under Labor Code section 3208.1.

Cumulative Trauma injuries can develop over months or years, this is part of what makes them difficult to identify.  You should be looking for pain, weakness and numbing or tingling to name a few.  Many people don’t recognize these injuries as work related because they associate them with normal aches and pains.  If you are experiencing any of these symptoms or an increased limitation in your functionality at your job due to a physical condition that has developed, you should check with your physician; and if you are unsure a physical condition is related to your work environment or not, you should call an attorney.  This is something that Thomas Ledgerwood discusses and explains during the initial consultation.

Cumulative Trauma injuries are often denied by the carrier as a first course of action.  If this is the case you definitely want to think about hiring an attorney.  Denied claims are very difficult to fight on your own, and an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can minimize the time you spend without necessary medical treatment or income.  If you have questions or concerns about a cumulative trauma injury or your workers’ compensation case, please call us at 888-899-7178 to set up a no-cost consultation with Thomas Ledgerwood.


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