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Can You Be Too Young to Obtain Social Security Disability Benefits?

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Government authorities, and society at large, tend to look dubiously on individuals who apply for Social Security disability benefits in their 20s or 30s—and they have every reason to do so. The fact is that an increasing number of people nationwide, discouraged by the foundering economy, decide to take the easy way out and manufacture a disability out of whole cloth, with the aid of conniving doctors and lawyers. Especially in inner cities, and economically depressed areas, a surprising number of healthy-looking young adults are on the disability rolls, ostensibly because of their “depression,” “bad backs,” or susceptibility to asthma.

Given the high standard of proof you have to provide, is it worth applying for Social Security disability benefits when you haven't yet reached your 40th birthday? It all depends on the nature of your physical or mental condition. If you are genuinely too ill to hold a job, if you have ample documentation to back that up, and if you support yourself and your family rather than living rent-free with your parents, you have every right to apply for disability benefits. You must be prepared, however, for your claim to be denied multiple times; it may be years before the government finally puts you on the disability rolls, and in the meantime, you'll endure more medical evaluations and attend more hearings than you can count. (Presumably, this exhaustive process weeds out individuals who are not genuinely disabled; only those desperately in need of government assistance would keep applying year after year!)

At the Ledgerwood Law Group, we know how difficult it can be for a young adult to get admitted on the Social Security disability rolls—and, once he's admitted, to stay there. Want to learn more? Contact our northern California Social Security disability lawyers at 888-761-7383 for a free consultation today!

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